Should You Open a Fish Taco Restaurant?

Opening a niche restaurant can be a great idea, or it can be a risky one. A restaurant in general is a hard type of business to get into, but if you have a passion for food, love serving the public, and can be self-motivated, then this can be a field you can have success in. Fish tacos are a growing popular tasty taco treat of choice, with many restaurants incorporating fish tacos in their menus. Read More 

A Quick Guide To Left-Handed Eating At Restaurants

If you're left-handed, chances are you are in the minority of hand domination for anyone you are eating with. The last thing you want to worry about when dining out is bumping elbows with someone who is right-handed. Instead of shuffling seats around or sitting uncomfortably at dinner, use this quick guide every time you go out to eat. After a while, you will have the tips memorized and can enjoy going out to eat. Read More 

5 Things To Consider Before Renting A Banquet Room

Renting the right banquet room can lead to an amazing event, but the wrong location will only result in stress and frustration. Knowing how to assess possible banquet locations is a must.  1. Food Service Some banquet halls only provide a hall — no food service or even a kitchen. Outside catering, with the food prepared off-site, is necessary. Others have a kitchen that you or your caterers can use. If you prefer full service as part of the rental, then it may make sense to look for banquet room rentals at local restaurants. Read More 

Tips For Choosing A Restaurant For A First Date

Eating together at a restaurant has long been a classic option for a first date. That hasn't changed much! It's so fun to get to know each other over some plates of delicious food. The restaurant atmosphere gives you something to chat about and focus on without making it hard to communicate with your date. But what restaurant should you choose for your first date? Here are some tips to help you make the decision. Read More 

4 Reasons To Enjoy Customized Pizza

Pizza is a favorite for adults and children alike. There's nothing like the satisfaction that comes from a cheesy, hot slice of pizza. Some pizzerias specialize in customizing pizzas for customers. At one of these restaurants, you'll have the opportunity to build your own pizza from scratch, using only the ingredients that you enjoy. Here are four reasons to enjoy a customized pizza from your favorite pizza restaurant. 1. Accommodate dietary restrictions. Read More