5 Things To Consider Before Renting A Banquet Room

Renting the right banquet room can lead to an amazing event, but the wrong location will only result in stress and frustration. Knowing how to assess possible banquet locations is a must. 

1. Food Service

Some banquet halls only provide a hall — no food service or even a kitchen. Outside catering, with the food prepared off-site, is necessary. Others have a kitchen that you or your caterers can use. If you prefer full service as part of the rental, then it may make sense to look for banquet room rentals at local restaurants. They will handle not just the space for the banquet but also all food and drink service. 

2. Basic Furniture

The least expensive halls may not even provide furniture. Instead, you must rent the tables, chairs, and other furnishings that you need from a party equipment supplier. Others will give you the option of using their furniture or renting your own, which is a nice option if you love the location but not the furnishings. There will also be banquet rooms that require that you use the furniture they provide, but you can usually configure as you wish.

3. Supplies

There are supplies other than tables and chairs to consider. Table linens, including cloths, skirts, swags, and napkins, as well as flatware, serving ware, and dishes, may also be provided by a banquet hall. If these items aren't provided, you may need to rent these from a different supplier. When linens are provided, make sure the quality and colors are up to your event standards.

4. Amenities

The type of amenities to look for depends on the needs of the event. For example, you may need room for a dance floor — either rented or fixed in place. If your guests are coming from out of town, an onsite hotel or accommodations nearby may be necessary. Consider every amenity that you hope to have for your event and verify that the hall you are renting can provide for them.

5. Decor Options

Finally, consider what the fully decorated hall will look like. Are you able to bring in your own decor, for example, and are there any limitations on how you can install the decorations? Will the internal and external architecture complement the vision that you have for the event? 

Visit a few different banquet rooms so you can choose the one that most matches the needs of your event.