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3 Tips For Sticking To A Low-Carb Diet When At Italian Restaurants

If you are following a low-carb diet, finding foods that suit your lifestyle can be even more challenging. Low-carb dieting consists of eating less than 60 grams of carbohydrates per day. For the best chances of success, some experts believe you must eat less than 40 grams per day. Avoiding all sugar, bread, and pasta is imperative if you want to stick with your diet, which can seem impossible when dining out at Italian restaurants. Read More 

Reasons To Get Fresh Greens Atop Your Pizza

One of the fun things about visiting a pizza restaurant or ordering delivery is that there's a nearly endless list of pizzas that you can enjoy. Once in a while, it can be fun to step away from your usual favorites and try something different. An option to consider is a pizza with fresh greens atop it. Vegetables on a pizza are nothing new, but fresh herbs or veggies can give you a unique twist on your usual favorite and perhaps something that you'll eagerly anticipate ordering again. Read More 

Tips For Going Out To Eat With Your Vegan Friends

Going out to eat in restaurants is one of life's great pleasures. Who doesn't love to be wined and dined? Since veganism is growing by leaps and bounds, you likely have some vegan friends. Everyone from Bill Clinton to Tyler Perry has jumped on the vegan bandwagon. Although it can be intimidating to consider the needs of vegan diners when going out to eat, don't leave your vegan friends out of fun dining experiences. Read More 

Tips For Ordering The Perfect Burger

If you love fat and juicy burgers, but find yourself feeling unsatisfied, then perhaps you are ordering your burgers incorrectly when visiting your local burger joint. While the best burger is the one just the way you like it, there are a few tips that can help you to get the burger you are craving: Order Medium Done If you have always ordered your burger well done or medium well, then you may be a throwback to a time when cookbooks advised thorough cooking and relatively high internal temperatures. Read More 

Tips For Blending The Best Milkshakes In Town For Your Cafe’s Customers

If your small cafe has decided to purchase a milkshake machine so you can start making your customers gourmet frozen treats, then knowing how to blend award-winning shakes is essential. Milkshakes have a good markup and if you learn to make excellent shakes, then your customers will come back time after time for their favorites.  To make great milkshakes, follow each of these time-tested tips: Tip: Choose Ice Cream with Less Butterfat for a Creamier Milkshake Read More