Talking About Restaurants

Why A Hamburger Is The Perfect Meal Choice

When you're ready to make your next restaurant food order, you should consider getting a burger to satisfy your appetite. Hamburgers have long been popular menu items around the world, and ordering one of these hearty sandwiches can be great for your next lunch, dinner, or even breakfast. Here are a few good reasons why a hamburger is the perfect meal choice. A Variety of Options Burgers are one of the most versatile food types and come in different varieties to suit everyone's taste. Read More 

Pizza Terminology To Make Your Dining Experience Even Better

Pizza. It's a simple food with a simple name. But you'd be amazed by some of the terminology you come across when you see pizza described on various menus. You want to know what you're ordering, so it is important to decipher these terms. Here's a look at some pizza terms and their meanings. Fior Di Latte You may see certain pizzas, especially those in Italian restaurants, advertised as being made with Fior di Latte cheese. Read More 

4 Ideas To Keep Your 24-Hour Diner Busy All Day

When you own a 24-hour diner, you can expect certain times of the day are going to be busier than others. For example, breakfast will likely be one of your most lucrative periods. To keep revenue rolling in and your waitstaff happy during the slow periods, try implementing one of these four strategies for bringing customers through the door. 1. Run a Pie and Coffee Special Many people crave a mid-afternoon pickup. Read More 

The Lesser-Known Asian Cuisines And What They Are All About

In the United States, when people talk about going out to an Asian restaurant, they are usually either talking about Chinese, Japanese, or some sort of Asian-American fusion. These cuisines are delicious and fun to experience — there is no doubt about that. But they are just a small sampling of what the various Asian cuisines have to offer. Each cuisine, from each different country, has its own characteristics. Here are a few lesser-known Asian cuisines (at least in the United States) and a look at what each one involves. Read More 

5 Ways To Increase Sustainable Practices In Your Restaurant

Sustainability is not just a buzz word; it is a movement that we can all easily and actively participate in. As a restaurant owner, there are many changes you can make to your business that will increase its sustainability. Increasing the stability of your restaurant will help you connect with a target audience who likes to support healthy, organic, and sustainable restaurants.  Use Reusable Cutlery & Utensils  First, make sure that you are using utensils in your dining room that can be cleaned and reused. Read More