A Quick Guide To Left-Handed Eating At Restaurants

If you're left-handed, chances are you are in the minority of hand domination for anyone you are eating with. The last thing you want to worry about when dining out is bumping elbows with someone who is right-handed. Instead of shuffling seats around or sitting uncomfortably at dinner, use this quick guide every time you go out to eat.

After a while, you will have the tips memorized and can enjoy going out to eat.

Think Right

Many restaurants feature booths. The last thing you want to do is slide around your booth and have to adjust seats to accommodate for comfortable seating. When you approach a booth seat, think right, as in the right side of the booth. When you sit on the end of the right side, your left elbow will hang naturally off the edge of the table.

The arm will not make contact with any of your guests. The same method applies if the restaurant features a table. Step up to the edge of the table so the chairs face the center of the table on both sides. Pick the seat in the bottom right corner on the right side. It doesn't matter which end of the table you sit at as you are positioned well on the bottom right side.

Head of the Table

When you dine with larger parties, you may find there is a seat located at the end of the table. Ideally, you will want to take this seat so you do not have anyone on either side of you. The end seat will prevent problems and is one of the easiest seats to spot when you are being seated at the restaurant.

Move The Cup

The table set-up at many restaurants will naturally place the cup on the right side. Use a small napkin or coaster to reposition your cup spot on the left side for easy grabbing. When you have something placed down on the table, the wait staff will place the cup in the new position closer to your left hand.

Finger Foods

One way to avoid any bumping at all is with some finger foods. Burgers, pizza, and french fries are eaten with your hands, so you don't have to swing your elbows out as you cut food or use a fork. For instance, if you go to an Italian restaurant, such as Cafe Italiano Restaurant & Pizzeria, order pizza to avoid knocking elbows with the person sitting next to you. The simple tip can help you avoid restaurant accidents while still enjoying some food. 

Share these tips with others in your dinner party so they know you want to be more comfortable the next time you dine out.