Tips For Choosing A Restaurant For A First Date

Eating together at a restaurant has long been a classic option for a first date. That hasn't changed much! It's so fun to get to know each other over some plates of delicious food. The restaurant atmosphere gives you something to chat about and focus on without making it hard to communicate with your date. But what restaurant should you choose for your first date? Here are some tips to help you make the decision.

Choose a restaurant with menu items that are easy to eat.

On a first date, you are both trying to be the best versions of yourselves. You'll also probably both be a little stressed out and anxious. This is not the time to fiddle with eating something complicated, like DIY fondue or deconstructed tacos. Pick a restaurant where the food is easy to eat and not overly messy. You can't go wrong with a classic steakhouse. Or, if you'd rather go more casual, look for a nice gastropub. They typically have burgers, chicken dishes, and pasta on the menu — all approachable and easy-to-eat options.

Ask your date if they have any dietary restrictions.

You don't want to take your date to the new steakhouse in town, only to then find that they are vegan. So, ask your date about any dietary restrictions before choosing a restaurant. If your date has specific dietary restrictions or food allergies, consider passing off the task of choosing a restaurant to them. This way, you know you'll end up at a restaurant where your date's needs are met and they feel comfortable.

Don't venture too far from home.

The first date is probably not the right time to drive three towns away for the first time or dine in a neighborhood you've never visited. First of all, you don't want to get lost and be late. Second of all, if the two of you have a nice time and want to go out for coffee, see a movie, or go bowling afterwards, you won't know what's close by! So, for the first date, you usually want to pick a restaurant that is close to home in a neighborhood you know well. It's perfectly okay to go to a favorite restaurant you've visited hundreds of times before! If you like it there, your date probably will, too. 

With the tips above, you can pick the perfect restaurant for your first date. But have you chosen the perfect date? Only time can answer that question.