5 Ways To Increase Sustainable Practices In Your Restaurant

Sustainability is not just a buzz word; it is a movement that we can all easily and actively participate in. As a restaurant owner, there are many changes you can make to your business that will increase its sustainability. Increasing the stability of your restaurant will help you connect with a target audience who likes to support healthy, organic, and sustainable restaurants. 

Use Reusable Cutlery & Utensils 

First, make sure that you are using utensils in your dining room that can be cleaned and reused. There is no need for a sit-down restaurant to have throwaway utensils. Upgrade to some nice utensils for your guests to use.  

For to-go orders, use cutlery and utensils that are biodegradable. They may cost a little more than their single-use, plastic counterparts, but you can advertise that you use biodegradable materials for your to-go items, and you can attract new customers who that appeals to.  

Get Rid of Single-Use Straws 

Second, it is time to get rid of single-use plastic straws that cannot be recycled. Serve drinks without straws, and only provide straws upon request. Most customers don't drink with straws at home and don't really need to when they are out to dinner either.  

You can have metal straws that you let customers use. You can rewash and reuse the metal straws, and they are easy to sanitize. You can also provide single-use straws that are biodegradable.  

Use Cloth Napkins 

Once again, you can keep a back-up supply of paper napkins, but set your tables with cloth napkins and when a customer needs extra napkins, give them extra cloth napkins. Cloth napkins require you to wash and fold the napkins, but even with that taken into consideration, the environmental impact of cloth napkins is a lot less.  

Use Recycled Paper 

Next, choose the material that you'll print the menus on with care. Use recycled paper to print your menus, and advertise on the menu that it is made from recycled paper. People like to have access to that type of information.  

Making moves that make your restaurant more sustainable can help you play your part in taking care of the earth. In addition, you can advertise the sustainable practices that you engage in, which should help bring in more customers. Make sure that you share this information with your customers. There is an entire customer base that you can attract just by engaging in sustainable restaurant practices and by serving healthy, organic food. Being nice to the environment can really pay off and ensure your restaurant succeeds. Speak to organic restaurants near you for tips.