Reasons To Get Fresh Greens Atop Your Pizza

One of the fun things about visiting a pizza restaurant or ordering delivery is that there's a nearly endless list of pizzas that you can enjoy. Once in a while, it can be fun to step away from your usual favorites and try something different. An option to consider is a pizza with fresh greens atop it. Vegetables on a pizza are nothing new, but fresh herbs or veggies can give you a unique twist on your usual favorite and perhaps something that you'll eagerly anticipate ordering again. Here are three reasons to get fresh greens atop your pizza.

They're Healthier

Fresh greens as pizza toppings, added immediately after the pizza comes out of the oven, make the pizza healthier. Regardless of the greens that you choose, you can expect more nutritional benefits from these toppings than from many other conventional pizza toppings. Fresh basil leaves placed around the top of your pizza give you a significant amount of vitamin K, manganese, and copper, for example. A couple handfuls of arugula, which are common on some styles of pizza, can help to reduce your risk of health issues such as cancer and osteoporosis, thanks to this vegetable's vitamins and minerals.

They're Lighter

A lot of common pizza toppings are highly delicious, but can be a little heavy. If you're looking forward to a pizza lunch before you do something active in the afternoon, you don't want your pizza to weigh you down — which may be the case if you load up on extra cheese and several meat products such as sausage and bacon. Similarly, if you're ordering a late-night pizza, something on the lighter side may help you to sleep better than something heavier. One of the big benefits of fresh greens on your pizza is that they make the pie lighter as a whole, which can leave you feeling fresh and energized after your meal.

They're Flavorful

While it's true that fresh greens such as iceberg lettuce aren't exactly known for their profound flavors, this isn't the case with many of the fresh greens that you can find atop pizzas. Basil, for example, has a strong taste that injects plenty of sumptuous flavor into each bite, while the peppery notes found in arugula offer a degree of spiciness that you may find appealing. The next time you're ordering pizza takeout, peruse the menu to find a pizza variety that has fresh greens, and consider choosing it.