Tips For Going Out To Eat With Your Vegan Friends

Going out to eat in restaurants is one of life's great pleasures. Who doesn't love to be wined and dined? Since veganism is growing by leaps and bounds, you likely have some vegan friends. Everyone from Bill Clinton to Tyler Perry has jumped on the vegan bandwagon. Although it can be intimidating to consider the needs of vegan diners when going out to eat, don't leave your vegan friends out of fun dining experiences. Follow these tips for dining in restaurants with your vegan friends:

Be Open to Try Vegan Appetizers

Vegans are often left in the cold during group eating. When choosing appetizers, it's easy to forget that vegans cannot join in on chowing down on any appetizer on the menu. Unless it's a vegan restaurant, there may just be a few vegan appetizer options. Be sure to order at least one of the vegan choices if you are picking appetizers for the group.

Don't Ask Questions if You Don't Want Honest Answers

One way that a dinner can quickly get awkward is to ask vegans why they chose to give up meat as you and other friends are chowing down on beef or chicken. If vegans give honest answers to that question, you may not want to hear them. Think twice before asking questions about veganism around the dinner table. Only ask questions when you are prepared for the answers.

Respect the Beliefs of Your Vegan Friends

Unfortunately, too many people fail at respecting the beliefs of vegans when there's a large gathering. People may make jokes about how vegans aren't enjoying the good stuff, and there is always someone in any gathering that will make bacon jokes when vegans are introduced. No matter how great your friends' sense of humor may be, that can be off-putting. Show respect for vegan beliefs at the meal.

Ask for Help if You Need It

Nobody is born knowing everything about a vegan diet. If you're confused on an aspect of the vegan diet, let your vegan friends know that you'd appreciate some insight to ensure that they have a great time at dinner. They'll probably very much appreciate your thoughtfulness and willingness to learn.

Finally, keep in mind that your vegan friends enjoy much of the same things that you do about eating in restaurants. It's simply that their diet is different. Like someone on a gluten-free diet because of a doctor's orders, vegans want to have fun as much as the next restaurant patron. By showing your vegan friends that you respect them and their choices, you will set the scene for an enjoyable dinner out for your entire party. 

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