Tips For Ordering The Perfect Burger

If you love fat and juicy burgers, but find yourself feeling unsatisfied, then perhaps you are ordering your burgers incorrectly when visiting your local burger joint. While the best burger is the one just the way you like it, there are a few tips that can help you to get the burger you are craving:

Order Medium Done

If you have always ordered your burger well done or medium well, then you may be a throwback to a time when cookbooks advised thorough cooking and relatively high internal temperatures. Meats purchases several decades ago may have sat on a shelf at the meat counter for some time or it may have traveled to your local supermarket in less than ideal conditions. However, as technology has advanced, freezing techniques and transportation have allowed for meat to be served fresher. If you have been following the trends, then farm to table is a concept followed by food enthusiasts as well as environmentalists. This means that meat is cooked very soon after it has been butchered.

Since meat is fresher, it is less likely to make you ill. While this is true, you still want your meat to be cooked enough that heat has a chance to kill foodborne pathogens. In general, you want your burger to be cooked medium. Medium burgers are not only safe to eat, but they are far more juicy and tender than well-done varieties. Simply put, the meat starts to harden the longer it is exposed to heat, resulting in that telltale toughness that can make beef taste poor. If you are scared about the pink appearance of the meat inside your burger, then opt for one, or even two, smaller beef patties. For example, order two quarter-pound burgers instead of a single one-half pound variety. The burgers will still be juicy, but there will be far less of the pink meat in the middle.

Ask For A Grilled Bun

If you have ever had a juicy burger that has created a soggy and wet bun, then you know how unappetizing this can be. While this is true, you can easily eliminate the sogginess. Grilling the bun can help to create a toasted layer between the soft bread and the juices from the burger. Also, lettuce is a great barrier to keep the bread from becoming too soggy. For the best results, ask for two pieces of large lettuce to place on either side of your burger. 

If you want your toppings to be fresh and crisp when you bite into your burger, then you can also ask for them on the side so you can put your burger together on your own.