Tips For Blending The Best Milkshakes In Town For Your Cafe’s Customers

If your small cafe has decided to purchase a milkshake machine so you can start making your customers gourmet frozen treats, then knowing how to blend award-winning shakes is essential. Milkshakes have a good markup and if you learn to make excellent shakes, then your customers will come back time after time for their favorites. 

To make great milkshakes, follow each of these time-tested tips:

Tip: Choose Ice Cream with Less Butterfat for a Creamier Milkshake

If you don't have a lot of experience making milkshakes, then you might be surprised to learn that using an ice cream that is very high in butterfat will not make the creamiest shakes. In fact, ice creams that have about half of the maximum amount of butterfat will work the best. So, before you break the bank buying the highest-end ice cream you can find, first, test the lower fat options from your wholesale supplier and see which options blend the best.

Tip: Mix The Ingredients in the Right Order for the Creamiest Texture

The biggest mistake most people make when they first start making milkshakes is dumping all of the ingredients into the blending cup and whizzing away. This leads to shakes that are lumpy with chunks of ice cream. And, since this method requires a lot of blending, it often results in a milkshake that is too thin. 

The better way to blend quality shakes is to start by blending the ice cream and any flavored syrups and then slowly add in the milk so it gets incorporated into the ice cream mixture. This technique will blend milkshakes with a more consistent texture and without completely melting the ice cream.

Tip: Invest in Some Unique Syrup Flavors and Fresh Fruit

To make award-winning milkshakes today, your customers will expect that you offer them specialty flavors. One way to accomplish this is to stock your shelf with a wide variety of different flavored syrups. However, since many people are trying to be more health conscious and stick to eating fresh fruits and vegetables, you can add to your milkshake's quality by blending in fresh fruits. When adding fruit, mix it with the ice cream before adding the milk.

Tip: Always Taste Your Milkshakes Before Serving

Finally, just as your chef tastes their food before sending it out to your customers, so too should your staff always taste their milkshakes before passing them along to your customers. 

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