4 Business Banquet Etiquette Tips To Learn

If you were just hired to a new job that frequently hosts banquets or formal luncheons with prospective and current clients, it is important that you follow proper etiquette during these events if you want to impress your bosses and your clients. Here are a few etiquette tips that you can use to stand out.

#1 Keep Your Phone Away

It can be tempting to pull out your phone to check your messages, email or just check in on a app that you use. However, standing around with your phone out will make you seem unapproachable. This will make it seem like you are not interested in the event or engaging with the clients.

It is especially important that you keep your phone away during the meal. Focus on visiting with your tablemates and listening to their discussions and resist the urge to constantly entertain yourself with your phone.

#2 Keep Grooming In The Bathroom

Keep all grooming contained to the bathroom. If you need to blow your nose, excuse yourself and go to the restroom. If you need to check your teeth or remove something from your teeth, do so in the bathroom. It can be easy to get relaxed and perform grooming tasks while at the table; however, you are not home and this is a formal setting, which means you need to keep in check anything that another guest could find unappealing.

#3 Be Courteous

Try to be courteous, especially if your company is the one hosting the event. Act like you are the host or hostess of the event. When you get to your table, allow others to take their seat first or assist them with their seats. When it is time to eat, wait until almost everyone has a dish in front of them before you start eating. Being courteous will make you stand out and will make your guests feel welcome.

#4 Go With The Flow

Go with the flow of the event and follow the established protocol. If checking in and wearing a name tag is required, be sure to do so. If there are assigned seats, don't try to move your name card to a different table. Don't leave during any presentations or programs before it is done and if you do need to do so, be discrete and don't take away from the event.

Follow the four etiquette tips above and remember to follow the established routine and do what you can to be courteous and respectful. This will open you up to opportunities to connect with potential and current customers and other co-workers at formal events. Consider even hosting your next event at a local restaurant like Villa Romana Italian Restaurant.