Three Ways to Stick to Your Low-Carb Diet at Any Pizza or Sandwich Restaurant

Many people make the mistake of thinking that it is impossible to eat low-carb when they go out to restaurants that are known for sandwiches or pizza. That is not the case at all. The guide below walks you through a few ways to stick to your low-carb diet when you are out and about.

Ask to Have a Salad Created

Most sandwich shops have toppings for the sandwiches that can be used to create a great salad. Ask the person that will be making your sandwich if there is any way that you can have the sandwich turned into a salad, rather than eating it the traditional way. Many sandwich shops will have no problem placing the ingredients in a bowl or on a plate for you so that you can enjoy them. Since they may not have a large selection of dressings available, simply ask for oil and vinegar or even possibly ranch as your dressing.

Take the Toppings Off of the Pizza

When you go to a pizza shop, the main thing that you cannot eat is the crust of the pizza and any bread sticks that are offered. Think outside of the box and go to a pizza restaurant that has a pizza buffet. You can pull all of the cheese and toppings off of the pizza slices and enjoy them. Most of the toppings on pizzas are actually very low in carbs and very tasty. You will still get to enjoy the taste of pizza without having to break your low-carb diet.

Have the Sandwich Wrapped in Lettuce

When you go to a sandwich shop, ask if they have large pieces of lettuce available. Many shops have large pieces of romaine or even bib lettuce available. Order your sandwich the way that you normally would with a side of the large pieces of lettuce. When you go to your seat, take everything off of the bread, place it in the lettuce and eat it as a wrap. This takes away from the hassle of the workers trying to create a lettuce wrap for you but still allows you to eat the way you want to eat.

Sticking to a low-carb diet sometimes takes some ingenuity. There is a way to get around limited options that are available at many restaurants if you take the time to think of ways to customize the options that are available to suit your needs.